Strega Import Limoncello 700ml
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Strega Import

Strega Limoncello 700ml

Strega Limoncello 700ml

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Founded in 1860 in Benevento, Strega Alberti has a rich history rooted in the creation of a herb-based liqueur by Giuseppe Alberti and his apothecarist father. Inspired by the myth of the Witches of Benevento and love potion legends, Strega Liqueur was born. Today, Strega Alberti continues to uphold its reputation for excellence by producing a diverse range of high-quality specialty products, including liqueurs and confectionery.

The nose of Strega Alberti's Limoncello is a testament to the perfect balance of flavor and aroma achieved through a skilled infusion process. Master distillers carefully select lemon peels, resulting in an intense aroma and a velvety, juicy flavor that is truly delightful.

As a versatile beverage, Limoncello Strega is suitable for any occasion. Additionally, it serves as an exceptional digestif to conclude a meal.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Strega Import
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 28.0%
Type Spirits
Category Liqueur
Style Fruit Liqueur
Country Italy
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