BudClub Loyalty Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

BudClub Loyalty Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Effective: 1 November 2023

The BudClub rewards program program is the customer loyalty program which BoozeBud operates throughout Australia.

By registering as a member and shopping online or using or attempting to collect, access or enjoy any Member Benefits, you agree that these T&Cs will apply to you in respect of the BudClub program. 

These terms and conditions are important and you should read them fully. But there are some specific terms we wanted to make you aware of. These are set out below.

  • Your BudClub points will expire if you do not use or redeem your points/dollars for a period of 12 months. 
  • We may change, suspend or terminate these terms and conditions or the BudClub program at any time. However, we’ll give you notice ahead of time on our website.
  • We may at any time without notice: - refuse your application to become a BudClub member or withdraw or cancel your membership facilities or member benefits; - reverse any member benefits, including your BudClub points; or - terminate your membership.
  • To the extent permitted by law: (i) we will not be liable to you in any way for any cause in connection with your membership and the BudClub program; and (ii) our liability to you will be limited to either the costs of re-supply or repair, or reinstating the number of points, dollars or other member benefits in dispute 

Important contact details

BudClub is hosted at the BoozeBud website: boozebud.com 

The BoozeBud customer service team email: info@boozebud.com 


Collect refers to the points you earn when you shop at Boozebud.

Eligible Shop means spend online at BoozeBud.

Enjoy refers to the use / redemption of your BudClub points on BoozeBud.com

BudClub means the customer loyalty program which BoozeBud operates throughout Australia, excluding the Northern Territory and restricted postcodes.

BudClub account means your BoozeBud online account that you can access via the BoozeBud website or through any other means we have authorised, for example by logging into an authorised smartphone app.

BudClub points means the credit held in your account following earning via purchases made on the BoozeBud website.

BudClub points means the points which may be collected and enjoyed by Members in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Member means an individual who has joined the BudClub rewards program and whose membership has not been terminated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. BudClub membership has a corresponding meaning.

Member Benefits refer to BudClub points, BudClub dollars, or other promotions, offers and benefits that are supplied by the BudClub program.

Smartphone App means the BoozeBud smartphone app.

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) means the terms and conditions on this page, as amended and published on the BoozeBud website from time to time.

BoozeBud means the part of Boozebud.com where you may purchase beverage or associated products sold by BoozeBud. 


1. Who can become a BudClub member?

To become a BudClub member, you need to be an individual over the age of 18 years of age and have a current Australian residential address. 

2. How do I register to become a BudClub member and does it cost anything?

You can join by creating an account with BoozeBud and you’ll be automatically opted-in to BudClub and start earning reward points. 

Joining is free and there are no fees to continue as a member.

3. What if I don’t want to register myself as a member?

If you choose not to register yourself as a member, you may not be able to take advantage of any Member Benefits. 

Earning Points

4. What are BudClub points?

BudClub points are what you collect when you shop with BoozeBud. 

You can enjoy your BudClub points as money off your shopping. Details of how you can enjoy your BudClub points and choose your rewards can be found below. 

Once you have collected 100 BudClub points, depending on your rewards choice selected, you will receive $5 BudClub dollars to enjoy off a future shop.

5. Where can I earn BudClub points?

You can online earn BudClub points online at the BoozeBud website or the BoozeBud smartphone app.  

6. At what rate will I collect BudClub points?

You will collect a minimum of 1 BudClub point for every dollar you spend at BoozeBud. 

At times we will run point boosters whereby you can collect multiple points per dollar you spend, for instance an offer to collect points on particular products, or an offer to collect points on your whole shop. Some of these points boosters may be exclusive personalised offers to collect points based on your individual profile.

7. How do I collect BudClub points?

Points will be calculated automatically when you shop online and added to your account once your order has been marked ‘fulfilled’ in our system. 

8. When will BudClub points be credited to my account?

BudClub points are credited to your account upon order confirmation, that is, once you have checked out and our system has accepted payment and acknowledged your order is confirmed. 

Enjoying points

9. How and when can I enjoy my BudClub points?

Once you have collected 100 BudClub points, this can be enjoyed as $5 BudClub dollars. This gives you $5 off a future Eligible Shop of at least $100.

10. What do I need to do to enjoy money off my shopping?

To enjoy your BudClub dollars for money off your shop, you need to select the reward using the reward menu at the BoozeBud checkout page when completing your purchase. 

11. When can I enjoy money off my shopping?

You can choose to enjoy money off your shopping as soon as you have at least $5 BudClub dollars in your BudClub account (i.e. 100 BudClub points) and you complete an Eligible Shop (i.e. at least $100). 

You are able to choose the amount of BudClub dollars you want to enjoy ($5, $10, $20, $30 or $50 BudClub dollars) against an Eligible Shop. If you do not use all of the BudClub dollars in your account, the remainder will be retained in your account for use. E.g. if you have $20 BudClub dollars saved in your account and your Eligible Shop is $100, you can choose $10 BudClub dollars to use on this shop and keep the remaining $10 BudClub dollars for another Eligible Shop. The full $50 BudClub dollars will not automatically be deducted as money off your shop. 

12. Where can I enjoy money off my shopping?

You can enjoy money off your shopping at BoozeBud.com 

 13. On what purchase can I not enjoy my balance?

You can not enjoy your balance on any purchase totalling less than $100. 

Other Member Benefits

14. Besides BudClub points, what are other benefits I could qualify for as a BudClub member?

You may qualify for other promotions, special benefits and exclusive offers from BoozeBud and selected third-party businesses which we may offer or enable as part of the BudClub program from time to time. 

Additional terms and conditions may apply to these which may be notified to Members on the relevant section of the BudClub website or in any Member communications. 

Account Balance

15. Is there a maximum number of BudClub dollars that I can have in my account?

No, but we reserve the right to change this condition at any time.

16. Will my BudClub points expire?

Yes, your BudClub balance will expire if you do not earn or redeem BudClub points or dollars for a period of 12 months.

17. Where can I check my BudClub balance?

You can check your BudClub balance in your account by logging into your BoozeBud account or by emailing the BoozeBud customer service team on info@boozebud.com 

17. How do I opt-out of the BudClub program?

You can cancel your BudClub membership by emailing our Customer Service team. If a membership is cancelled, any unused BudClub points and other Member Benefits will be automatically forfeited.

You will stop collecting BudClub points from the date your opt-out is applied. 

18. How will BoozeBud be collecting, using and disclosing my personal information?

BoozeBud will collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the BoozeBud Privacy Collection Notice (Collection Notice), which forms part of these T&Cs.

You may access our Privacy Policy here

BoozeBud may amend the terms of the Privacy Policy from time to time in accordance with these T&Cs.

By registering as a member, you acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Policy, and understand that we will collect, use, store and disclose your personal information in accordance with its terms.

19. What communications will I receive from BudClub and how can I opt-out of certain messages?

At BoozeBud, we love communicating with you about the BudClub program. This includes sending you points boosters, and partner offers, plus asking you for your valuable feedback. 

Unless you have opted out, you agree to us communicating with you via various channels and media (including by email, SMS, phone, mail, app notifications and by advertising on certain websites and social media).

At BudClub we only want to send you messages that you are happy to receive, and we try to do our best to make sure our messages are relevant to you. However, we understand you may want to opt out of receiving certain types of marketing and promotional messages that we send you, you can do this by:

For SMSs, emails and mail:

  • clicking unsubscribe in any marketing or promotional emails we send you
  • clicking the opt out link in any SMS promotions you receive from us 
  • emailing the Customer Service team and letting us know you no longer wish to receive promotional messages from us

For in-app notifications and advertising on certain websites and social media:

  • turning off notifications on your mobile device or changing your privacy settings online so you no longer receive notifications.

There are, however, some messages that we must be able to send you. These include, for example, messages relating to your membership such as changes to your account, important information relating to products you have purchased (like health and safety recall notices), forgotten passwords, updates to our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

If you wish to update where we send the above communications to you, please email our Customer Service team at info@boozebud.com 

If you do not want us to send you any of the above communications, you may terminate your BudClub and BoozeBud membership by contacting the BoozeBud Customer Service team or by logging on to the BoozeBud Website, going to Account and clicking ‘Delete Account’. This will be actioned within 2 business days. 

20. Can these T&Cs be changed or terminated?

Yes. BoozeBud may change, suspend or terminate these T&Cs or the BudClub program at any time. We will email you with a notification that our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy has been updated. 

Where we change the T&Cs, a copy of the revised T&Cs will be available on the BoozeBud Website or can be obtained by emailing the BoozeBud customer service team. 

If you continue to use your BudClub membership or seek to access or use any member benefits you will be deemed to have accepted the amended T&Cs. 

21. What are my responsibilities in relation to my membership?

Please keep your personal details updated by updating your BoozeBud account or emailing the BoozeBud customer service team. This is because, if you don’t keep your personal details up to date, we may not be able to provide you with your member benefits, and we may need to cancel your membership and BudClub Card.

It is your responsibility to keep your BoozeBud account details safe and secure. Please treat your BoozeBud account password as your confidential information. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised use or access to your BoozeBud account, and information about your membership, including your account password. This includes that you must not use a password for your BoozeBud account which you have used for any other of your other online accounts. You acknowledge that unauthorised access to your BoozeBud, account and personal information may occur if you do not take these steps.

Any tax, liability, or duty incurred by you arising from your participation in the BudClub program is your responsibility.

22. What restrictions apply to my membership?

You can only have one BudClub membership per person, and you can’t transfer your membership to someone else.

BudClub points and benefits are conditional on you purchasing normal household quantities of goods. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a normal household quantity of any good or service and apply purchase limits for the collecting of member benefits. A purchase of goods may exceed a normal household quantity even if the purchase is split over more than one transaction.

BudClub points and benefits may only be collected and used for personal and household use. You may not collect or use BudClub points or benefits for a commercial purpose (which includes not-for-profit association purposes) or for any purchases of goods that could not reasonably be for personal and household use (either because of the nature or quantity of the goods).

Member benefits cannot be exchanged or refunded except as expressly set out in these T&Cs.

23. What are BoozeBud’s rights in relation to my membership and the BudClub program?

We may refuse your application for membership for any reason. 

From time to time we may exclude products from earning eligibility. We may also change the redemption rate of BudClub dollars. 

We may specify exclusions and conditions (for example qualifying spend and offer duration) for any member benefits and we may change these from time to time, including during the duration of a member benefit offer.

BoozeBud may reverse (i.e. debit) any member benefits which have been allocated (i.e. credited) to you where you have returned the goods or you have been refunded for the goods. 

We may also reverse benefits which have been allocated to you if there are any other grounds which we consider, in our reasonable discretion, justify a reversal, for instance, if these were allocated to you by mistake (including by reason of our error) or if you earned them by misusing an offer, or through fraudulent means.

We reserve the right to monitor your purchase history to ensure that any BudClub points or benefits are accumulated legitimately.

We reserve the right at any time without notice to:

  • withdraw or cancel any BudClub Member Benefits;
  • reverse any Member Benefits, including any BudClub dollars or BudClub points credited to an account;
  • terminate or suspend your BudClub membership; or
  • terminate the BudClub program.

Grounds for doing any of the above include if you (or someone using your BudClub Card or account details):

  • abuse, misuse or attempt to abuse or misuse your membership, BudClub program, any offers for Member Benefits or anything else associated with BoozeBud; 
  • do anything that is contrary to these T&Cs (for example, you (or someone else using your BudClub account or account details) purchases more than a household quantity of a particular good or service);
  • fraudulently accumulate BudClub points or other Member Benefits;
  • use or attempt to use your BudClub dollars, BudClub points or any other Member Benefits, for purchases made by a person other than you;
  • engage in unacceptable conduct in connection with your membership, which will be deemed to include if BoozeBud has a reasonable suspicion of conduct by you which amounts to dishonesty, fraud or wrongful conduct (for example, you (or someone else using your BudClub or account details) use your account along with one or more other accounts engage in any of the activity referred to in this first four dot points of this list);
  • become bankrupt or die; or
  • have not shopped online at BoozeBud at any time during a continuous 12 month period.

On cancellation of your membership (including through requested cancellation of your BudClub membership), we may retain your membership information for record-keeping purposes and, in de-identified form, for our general data analysis purposes. 

You agree that, except to the extent that these T&Cs expressly provide otherwise, we do not need to notify you in advance, or give you any reasons, with regard to any action we take concerning your membership. 

24. What is BoozeBud’s liability in respect of my membership and the BudClub program?

You acknowledge and agree that there may be:

  • delay in issuing you with, or non-issue to you of, any Member Benefits;
  • acts, errors or omissions by us in the course of providing Member Benefits (including as referred to in these T&Cs);
  • a suspension and/or termination of the BudClub program, including the ability for members to collect BudClub points and enjoy BudClub dollars 

and to the maximum extent permitted by law (and provided that nothing in these T&Cs limits your rights under the Australian Consumer Law), we will not be liable to you in any way for any cause in connection with such matters, including for any unused BudClub points or BudClub dollars balance in your account at the time of termination.

You agree that any comments, suggestions or recommendations you may receive from us or others as part of Member Benefits may not be suitable, accurate or complete and you must not rely on them in a way which may give rise to any loss or damage. If you intend to rely on anything in connection with the BudClub program, your reliance should be based solely on your own judgement, including as to the extent to which you should obtain or use any Member Benefits. 

Provided that nothing in these T&Cs limits your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, any liability we may have to you in negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and all conditions and warranties as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods supplied by BoozeBud pursuant to these T&Cs, whether express or implied by statute, are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law, and, where liability cannot be excluded (such as where the Australian Consumer Law applies), our liability to you will in all cases be limited to:

  • the cost of re-supplying the goods or repairing, or paying the costs of repairing, the goods; or
  • reinstating the number of BudClub points, BudClub dollars, or other Member Benefits, in dispute.

25. Who do I contact if I have a complaint or query?

If you have any queries or complaints regarding the BudClub program, please contact us. You can do this by emailing the BoozeBud customer service team on info@boozebud.com or by contacting us via the "Contact Us" page of our Website.