Smirnoff Soda Pineapple 330ml
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Smirnoff Soda Pineapple 330ml

Smirnoff Soda Pineapple 330ml

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Smirnoff Soda Pineapple is a blend of natural pineapple and lime flavors, harmoniously combined with vodka and accompanied by soda water. To fully enjoy its crisp and revitalizing taste, it is recommended to serve it very cold. The inclusion of real fruit juice imparts an authentic flavor. Additionally, this product boasts a low sugar content, containing only 95 calories per can.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Smirnoff
Size 330ml
Alcohol Content 3.5%
Type Pre-Mixed Drinks
Category Pre-Mixed Vodka
Country Australia
Barcode 9310495089413
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