Seagram's VO Canadian Whisky 700ml


Seagram's Vo Canadian Whisky 700ml

Seagram's Vo Canadian Whisky 700ml

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Originally launching in 1857 as Waterloo Distillery, a Canadian whisky distillery, Joseph E. Seagram became the sole owner of the business in 1883 and changed the name of the company to Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. Seagram's VO Canadian Whisky is 37% ABV and produced using whiskies that have been aged for a minimum of 6 years. Hitting the senses with bright notes of dried apricot, citrus and honey, Seagram's VO Whisky flows across the palate with warm toffee and spices for a smooth long-lasting finish. Best enjoyed with a splash of premium dry ginger ale and a twist of fresh lime juice.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Seagram's
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 37.0%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Blended Whisky
Country Canada
Barcode 1210000101471
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