Prickly Moses Otway Stout 330ml
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Prickly Moses

Prickly Moses Otway Stout 330ml

Prickly Moses Otway Stout 330ml

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With a handcrafted, natural brewing process that begins in the Otways, a little over 2 hours drive from Melbourne and north of Great Otway National Park, Prickly Moses (formerly Otway Estate), use ingredients and pure rainwater from their lush rainforests in Victoria to produce their mouthwatering brews. Prickly Moses Otway Stout is one of the originals from the brewery and is a dark, full bodied, dry stout, that delivers rich, roasted flavours of toffee and caramel, making it the perfect choice during the cooler months over a late lunch with a cheese board and charcuterie by an open fire.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Prickly Moses
Size 330ml
Alcohol Content 5.0%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Stout
Country Australia
Region Victoria
Barcode 9331779002379
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