Pirate Life Brewing South Coast Ultra 355ml
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Pirate Life Brewing

Pirate Life Brewing South Coast Ultra 355ml

Pirate Life Brewing South Coast Ultra 355ml

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PL's South Coast Ultra Low offers a full flavour profile with an ABV of under 0.5%. Although producing a beverage with such a low alcohol content can be a challenge, the focus on flavour remains a top priority, starting with the use of premium ingredients such as pale and specialty malts, US and NZ hops, and a characterful ale yeast. The brewing process involves a quicker than usual mash to minimize fermentable sugars, followed by a short thirty-three-hour ferment to maintain the low ABV. A healthy dry hop adds a pleasant aroma of citrus and stone fruit. The resulting pour is a lemon yellow color with a thick head of foam, and the taste offers a full and fresh profile with gentle fruity notes, malty undertones, and a clean, crisp finish.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Pirate Life Brewing
Size 355ml
Alcohol Content 0.5%
Type Non-Alcoholic
Category Non-Alcoholic Beer
Country Australia
Barcode 9349342005047
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