Pauwel Kwak Belgian Strong Ale 330ml
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Pauwel Kwak

Pauwel Kwak Belgian Strong Ale 330ml

Pauwel Kwak Belgian Strong Ale 330ml

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Kwak is identifiable by its distinctive deep bright amber hue and a creamy, dense head. The contrast between the pale wooden holder and the beer is visually pleasing. Upon tasting, one can identify a mellow, fruity onset, a solidity akin to nougat, and a marginally spicy demeanor featuring hints of liquorice. The finish echoes the warmth of caramelized banana. While the bitterness cognitively lingers in the backdrop, it delicately emerges in the finale.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Pauwel Kwak
Size 330ml
Alcohol Content 8.5%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Belgian Ale
Country Belgium
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