Nagahama Distillery Amahagan Summer Edition 750ml
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Nagahama Distillery

Nagahama Distillery Amahagan Summer Edition 750ml

Nagahama Distillery Amahagan Summer Edition 750ml

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From Japan's smallest craft distillery, comes this limited edition release. High quality whisky is the foundation of Nagahama Distillery's range, and this special blended dram is no exception. Get it while stocks last, exclusively at BoozeBud!

Colour: Light gold color

Aroma: Top notes is scent of sea breeze reminiscent of beach. Salt caramel, brown sugar and briny aroma.
The peated smoky fregrance gives an accent to whole aroma and enhances it.

Palate: Vanilla, honey, white chocolate and baked lemon pie. Gentle taste with malty and cereal flavour.
Gradually you feel salty taste like salted chocolate

Finish: Pepper and cacao. Smoky flavour from peat fills your mouth

Product Specifications

Brand Name Nagahama Distillery
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 47.0%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Blended Malt Whisky
Country Japan
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