Mismatch Brewing Pale Ale 375ml
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Mismatch Brewing Co.

Mismatch Brewing Pale Ale 375ml

Mismatch Brewing Pale Ale 375ml

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Mismatch Brewing Pale Ale is a beer made for its sessionability, a filtered Aussie pale ale that has been brewed to a drier style, with lower residual sugar to keep it bright, fresh and seriously quaffable. Riku hops (NZ) were selected for the dual purpose of bittering and contributing punchy aromatics and flavour, drawing flavours of stonefruit, peach and citrus to the palate, with the addition of Mosaic hops (USA) and the relatively unknown Blanc (Germany) further lifting the aromatics with elements of fruit, floral, spice and earthiness. The perfect way to knock off for the day!

Product Specifications

Brand Name Mismatch Brewing Co.
Size 375ml
Alcohol Content 5.0%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Pale Ale
Country Australia
Region South Australia
Barcode 9348061000210
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