Lienert Tierra Del Puerco Grenache Mataro Malbec 750ml
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Lienert Vineyards

Lienert Tierra Del Puerco Grenache Mataro Malbec 750ml

Lienert Tierra Del Puerco Grenache Mataro Malbec 750ml

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“This wine is a perfect match for pork dumplings with a soy/sesame oil dipping sauce. Twenty seven dumplings to be precise. Why? Let me enlighten you. The beautifully fragrant Grenache with its lifted aromatics and strawberry fruit characters give a lightness and airiness to the wine. Then comes the Mataro with its darker fruit profile and umami and earthy characters (perfect for the dumps!). Malbec then chimes in with lifted spicy notes and juicy fruit flavours, bringing all the ‘bits’ together to create a medium bodied, balanced and complex red blend. Brother John contends…. “Hey Jimi, isn’t this supposed to be a GMS and not a GMM?” The retort from sibling and genius winemaker is an unashamed “No!”. Because this wine is made for dumplings. Many dumplings. A pure, mid weight red that captures the inherent goodness of Grenache, Mataro and Malbec. The fresh fruit flavours and savoury spice pairing effortlessly with each of the 27 ‘mystery bags’, easing the gut ache I now have from marginal overconsumption. But who cares, because right now I am one relaxed lad!” - James Lienert, winemaker

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Lienert Vineyards
Size 750ml
Type Wine
Category Red Wine
Style GSM
Wine Body Full
Country Australia
Region Barossa Valley
Wine Region Barossa Valley
Barcode 9350038000246
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