Konpira Maru Tears Of Makoto Rose 750ml
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Konpira Maru

Konpira Maru Tears Of Makoto Rose 750ml

Konpira Maru Tears Of Makoto Rose 750ml

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Tears of Makoto was born from a pet nat we made in 2017 when we were just learning the art form, that we bottled too early and therefore got too pressurised. It is a bittersweet memory because before each bottle became a WMD it was the tastiest pet nat ever made but on the flip-side they were also really fun and exciting times. To save the situation Sam and Barry decanted the bottles that hadn't exploded and made an absolutely delicious rose, a rose so perfect we thought Makoto Nagano himself would shed a single tear."

Product Specifications

Brand Name Konpira Maru
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 12.0%
Type Wine
Category Rose Wine
Style Rosé
Country Australia
Region King Valley
Wine Region King Valley
Barcode 100100561111111
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