Hawke's Lager 375ml


Hawke's Lager 375ml

Hawke's Lager 375ml

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Every sip of Hawke's Lager gives back to the land from which we source the all-Australian ingredients in this refreshing, Aussie classic. It's the perfect mateship between beer and the environment. No wonder it was Bob's favourite.

Hops: Ella, Victoria's secret, Topaz, Cascade

Tasting Notes: Brewed with all-Australian malt,this Aussie-style lager has a subtle citrus aroma, light bitterness and a gentle dry finish.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Hawke's
Size 375ml
Alcohol Content 4.5%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Craft Lager
Country Australia
Region New South Wales
Barcode 9351965000026
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