Eumundi Brewery Pale Ale 375ml
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Eumundi Brewery

Eumundi Brewery Pale Ale 375ml

Eumundi Brewery Pale Ale 375ml

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Eumundi's grassroots hail back to 1988 when brewing engineer and developer John Lynch corralled local supporters and fans of his iconic Eumundi Lager to invest in and launch a brewery at the Imperial Hotel in Eumundi, in the Sunshine Coast region in Queensland. Eumundi Brewery Pale Ale is a 3.5% ABV pale ale, that pours dark gold in colour and is brewed with Galaxy and Enigma hops, driving magical aromas of citrus and passion fruit with a touch of resin and rich, complex flavours that you'd usually attribute to much bigger, hop-forward beers. Sessionable, flavoursome and delicious!

Product Specifications

Brand Name Eumundi Brewery
Size 375ml
Alcohol Content 3.5%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Pale Ale
Country Australia
Region Queensland
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