Don Julio Ultima Reserva Tequila 750ml
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Don Julio

Don Julio Ultima Reserva Tequila 750ml

Don Julio Ultima Reserva Tequila 750ml

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The legend begins in 1942, when a young Don Julio González sees a once in a lifetime opportunity in tequila production. He didn't own much, but what he did possess was a dream and the singular devotion needed to bring it to life. After sharing his vision with a local businessman, he was granted a loan to start his first tequila distillery, La Primavera. Sitting 6500 feet above sea level in the highlands of Jalisco is where it all began.

It's in this extreme climate, surrounded by rich volcanic soil, where the legendary distillery of La Primavera was founded and Don Julio Tequila was born. Since 1947, over three generations of the Jimador families have worked with Don Julio. Their devotion to Don Julio's process and methods is unmatched and their mastery in planting, farming and harvesting agave have been passed on for generations and can be traced back to Don Julio himself.

In 2006, Don Julio, with his family, planted their final agave field. In honour of his devotion and craftsmanship, this agave harvest was carefully distilled, barrelled, and set aside for a special use. Now released in commemoration of the tenure of Don Julio Gonzalez’s at the distillery over the last 80 years. To preserve this tequila and the exquisite agave piñas behind it they implemented a Solera aging system. The Solera aging method combines and matures tequilas of different characteristics finished in unique casks, allowing the final agave harvest to remain at the heart of this rare Extra Añejo Tequila. Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Anejo has been rested in oak, previously used to age bourbon and finished in Madeira wine-seasoned casks.

Nose of toasted oak, caramel and crisp agave, followed by hints of apricot, lemon and orange and a finish with light, sweet honeyed agave.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Don Julio
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 40.0%
Type Spirits
Category Tequila & Mezcal
Style Anejo Tequila
Country Mexico
Barcode 5000281068213
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