Dasher & Fisher Ocean Gin & Tonic 250ml
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Dasher & Fisher

Dasher & Fisher Ocean Gin & Tonic 250ml

Dasher & Fisher Ocean Gin & Tonic 250ml

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The Ocean Gin & Tonic by Dasher + Fisher is a celebration of the sea. It features a unique blend of botanicals that evoke the freshness of the Tasmanian coast. Key among these is a subtle seaweed note, which imparts a distinctive maritime flavor. This is complemented by a touch of sea salt, enhancing the gin's crispness. Citrus undertones add a zesty freshness, while the foundational juniper flavor remains prominent. The result is a gin & tonic that is refreshing, slightly saline, and wonderfully complex.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Dasher & Fisher
Size 250ml
Alcohol Content 5.0%
Type Pre-Mixed Drinks
Category Pre-Mixed Gin
Country Australia
Region Tasmania
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