Casa Spirits White Rum 700ml
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Casa Spirits

Casa Spirits White Rum 700ml

Casa Spirits White Rum 700ml

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Casa Spirits White Rum is a premium quality rum, distilled from molasses and carefully crafted to offer a smooth and refined taste. This white rum is unaged, allowing the natural flavors of the molasses to shine through. The rum is made from a blend of column-still and pot-still rums, which are then blended and filtered multiple times to create a crisp and clean spirit. The rum has a smooth and light body with subtle hints of vanilla and caramel on the nose, and a delicate sweetness on the palate.

Casa Spirits White Rum is perfect for mixing into your favorite cocktails, adding a touch of Caribbean flavor to any drink. The rum is also great for cooking, adding a unique depth of flavor to dishes such as rum cakes, marinades, and glazes. The 700ml bottle is elegantly designed, featuring a sleek, clear glass bottle with a black label and white text. It is a great addition to any bar collection and makes for an ideal gift for rum enthusiasts.

Overall, Casa Spirits White Rum is a delicious and versatile rum that is perfect for any occasion. Its smooth and clean taste makes it an ideal choice for mixing with juices, sodas, or other spirits to create a refreshing cocktail.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Casa Spirits
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 37.0%
Type Spirits
Category Rum
Style White Rum
Country Australia
Region Victoria
Wine Region Victoria
Barcode 9356572000773
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