CAPI Sparkling Charred Pineapple 750ml
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CAPI Sparkling Charred Pineapple 750ml

CAPI Sparkling Charred Pineapple 750ml

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The delightful fusion of ripe, tropical pineapple and the vivacious Australian lime, accentuated with caramelised sugar, forms the unique taste of CAPI's Charred Pineapple Soda. This beverage artfully strikes a balance between tartness and sweetness, offering an advanced, flavour-forward profile.

Ideally savoured over ice, it pairs excellently with rum, tequila and whiskey. Alternatively, for a non-alcoholic option, it can be topped with soda. Accents of fresh pineapple, lime or a cherry serve as a perfect garnish.

Product Specifications

Brand Name CAPI
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 0.0%
Type Non-Alcoholic
Category Cocktail Ingredients
Country Australia
Barcode 9346801002449
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