Bols Triple Sec CuRacao Liqueur 500ml
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Bols Triple Sec CuRacao Liqueur 500ml

Bols Triple Sec CuRacao Liqueur 500ml

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Bols Triple Sec is a crystal clear liqueur flavoured with Curaçao orange peel and hints of citrus.

Bols Triple Sec is without a doubt the most essential liqueur in a modern bar. At least half of all classic and modern drinks are made with Triple Sec or a variant, like Dry Orange Curaçao. From the Sidecar, the Long Island Iced Tea and the White Lady to the Cosmopolitan and the Kentucky Lemonade, Bols Triple Sec has always delivered the full flavour of Curaçao oranges.

The secrets of the recipe for Triple Sec have been carefully preserved by Bols through the centuries. Many of these recipes are based on prescriptions for medicines. In the old days doctors would mix some triple sec through their medicines in order to make them more palatable. These doctors consequently played an important part in spreading the popularity of this liqueur.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Bols
Size 500ml
Alcohol Content 24.0%
Type Spirits
Category Liqueur
Style Triple Sec
Country Holland
Barcode 8716000967862
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