Akasha Brewing Super Chill Lager 375ml
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Akasha Brewing Company

Akasha Brewing Super Chill Lager 375ml

Akasha Brewing Super Chill Lager 375ml

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Super Chill Lager is a meticulously crafted lager that is enjoyable to drink. It achieves a perfect balance with its refreshing bitterness, making it an inviting choice for those new to beer, as well as enticing for beer connoisseurs who appreciate its subtle complexity. With delicate citrus notes and a straightforward malt foundation, it provides a pleasantly rejuvenating texture that culminates in a slightly dry, subtly bitter, and incredibly satisfying finish. This lager is effortlessly refreshing and pairs well with any event or gathering.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Akasha Brewing Company
Size 375ml
Alcohol Content 4.2%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Craft Lager
Country Australia
Barcode 9350680001783
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