4 Pines Pacific Ale 18 Pack 375ml
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4 Pines

4 Pines Pacific Ale 18 Pack 375ml

4 Pines Pacific Ale 18 Pack 375ml

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4 Pines Pacific Ale is a mid-strength beer, with big fruity hop aromas set to delight the palate and quench your thirst with passionfruit, pineapple and pear aromas. 4 Pines Brewing Co is an exciting Australian brewery and consistently pump out small batch kellar door (cellar door) creations at their Manly brewpub, which then often become annual seasonal or core range beers, as regular production proves popular with the masses.4 Pines Pacific Ale is super sessionable and one to slip in the esky for your next beach BBQ or trip to the outback!

Product Specifications

Brand Name 4 Pines
Size 375 mL
Alcohol Content 3.5%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Pacific Ale
Country Australia
Region New South Wales
Barcode 9344844001375
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