Southern Wild Distillery Dasher + Fisher Gift Pack 200ml
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Southern Wild Distillery

Southern Wild Distillery Dasher + Fisher Gift Pack 200ml

Southern Wild Distillery Dasher + Fisher Gift Pack 200ml

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Each gift pack contains a 200ml bottle of each of Dasher + Fisher's three core Tasmanian Gins: Ocean Gin, Meadow Gin and Mountain Gin.

12 botanicals that uncover an abundance of wakame seaweed from the chilly Tasman Sea. Complex + layered, it has aromas of seaweed, ocean spray, and fresh rose petal with nori, jasmine and roast peanut flavours. So clean it can be served on its own, a dry Martini or garnish your tonic with a slice of fresh radish.

15 botanicals showcase the lavender and oranges picked from local gardens and fields. Wild meadow florals like lavender and sage with overtones of freshly picked oranges remind you more of the Amalfi Coast than Bass Strait. The sweet, hot palate gives way to an echo of juniper. Makes a great Negroni and use red grapefruit for your G+T garnish.

A classic London Dry style with a Tassie twist has 11 botanicals that hero the native pepper-berries and herbs found on the way to Cradle Mountain. Wildly fragrant alpine freshness, juniper, coriander and Tasmanian highland pepper-berries with a hint liquorice root. Perfect for a Martinez or Gin Sour and garnish your G+T with a fresh sprig of lavender.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Southern Wild Distillery
Size 750ml
Type Spirits
Category Gin
Style Gin
Country Australia
Region Tasmania
Barcode 9352067000006
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