Jagermeister Miniatures Box 60 x 20ml


Jagermeister Miniatures Box 60 x 20ml

Jagermeister Miniatures Box 60 x 20ml

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Jagermeister is a renowned herbal liqueur that boasts a rich history and a distinct flavor profile. It is crafted in Germany using a secret blend of 56 botanicals, including herbs, roots, fruits, and spices, resulting in a complex and aromatic spirit. The brand is globally recognizable thanks to its unique bottle design and deep brown color.

Upon tasting, Jagermeister offers a unique combination of sweet and bitter flavors, with notable hints of herbs, spices, and a subtle touch of citrus. Its meticulous blending process guarantees a harmonious balance of flavors that is both complex and satisfying.

Jagermeister is often served as a digestif, chilled in shot glasses. Its herb-infused and spicy character can also be appreciated in cocktails, such as the classic Jagerbomb or as an ingredient in creative mixology creations. The liqueur's versatility makes it an excellent choice for adding depth and character to a wide range of drinks.

Due to its unique flavor, iconic branding, and longstanding tradition, Jagermeister has become a popular choice among herbal liqueur enthusiasts worldwide. Its ability to provide a distinctive and flavorful experience has made it a timeless classic in the spirits industry.

Each Unit includes 60 x bottles of 20ml Jagermeister Miniatures

Product Specifications

Brand Name Jagermeister
Size 20ml
Alcohol Content 35.0%
Type Spirits
Category Liqueur
Style Herbal Liqueur
Country Germany
Region Lower Saxony
Barcode 4-067-708-8
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