Westward American Two Malts Chocolate Rye Malt Whiskey 700ml


Westward American Two Malts Chocolate Rye Malt Whiskey 700ml

Westward American Two Malts Chocolate Rye Malt Whiskey 700ml

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The latest exclusive Westward Club release features a unique combination of flavours and collaborations. This particular release explores the perfect pairings of whiskey and chocolate, brewing and distilling, malt and rye. The American Two Malts Chocolate Rye is an innovative creation that introduces something entirely new to the world of whiskey.

In this release, the distillers have added just 2.5% of chocolate roasted rye to the grain bill. This addition creates a delicate balance of flavours and complexity that enhances the true character of Westward whiskey. The result is a whiskey that showcases a harmonious blend of earthy spice notes and the lusciousness of juicy fruit.
As former brewers, the distillers understand the significance of the malting process in unlocking flavours in grains. When grains are hydrated and kilned during malting, it results in the caramelization and toasting of the grains. This transformative process brings forth delightful notes from the malt that would not be present otherwise.

Rye, in particular, benefits from this process as well. The hydration and kilning of rye accentuate its earthy spice and stone fruit notes, adding depth and complexity to the whiskey. The result is a spirit that develops nutty biscuit flavours.

The combination of the malting process with the addition of chocolate roasted rye in the grain bill creates a unique and captivating flavour profile, elevating the overall tasting experience of the whiskey.


AROMA: Bergamot, spun sugar, baking spice, candy apple
PALATE: Bright citrus, peach shortcake, forest floor, fresh hay, hints of melon
FINISH: Drop biscuits, apple pie, grassy spice with lingering woody notes

Product Specifications

Brand Name Westward
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 45.0%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Rye Whisky
Country United States
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