Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka 700ml
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Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka 700ml

Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka 700ml

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Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka is crafted on the tropical island of Okinawa which lies between Japan’s mainland and Taiwan. The vodka, made from a harvest of long-grain indica rice, celebrates centuries of Japanese distilling expertise. The rice is distilled into a traditional Japanese Awamori spirit, and then redistilled into pure Ukiyo Rice Vodka which offers a distinctly rich texture and savoury sweet quality not often found in vodka. Clean on the nose, smooth on the palate, and unusually long on the finish.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Ukiyo
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 40.0%
Type Spirits
Category Vodka
Style Flavoured Vodka
Country Japan
Barcode 5060434133182
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