Tooheys Extra Dry 345ml
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Tooheys Extra Dry 345ml

Tooheys Extra Dry 345ml

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Tooheys Limited went public in 1902, however Irish immigrant John Thomas Toohey and his brother James Matthew's journey started almost half a century earlier. They ran The Great Britain and The Limerick Arms pubs in Melbourne (which are still local icons today) before relocating to Sydney and John obtaining his legal brewing licence in 1869. Tooheys Extra Dry, or TED, is a 4.4% ABV Extra Dry Australian Lager brewed perfectly for the Aussie climate, with 25% fewer calories and 30% fewer carbs than the majority of other full-strength beers. Crisp and crushable with a subtle malt bill and light bitterness, TEDs are super thirst-quenching and delicious!

Product Specifications

Brand Name Tooheys
Size 345 mL
Alcohol Content 4.4%
Type Beer
Category Classic Beer
Style Lager Traditional
Country Australia
Region New South Wales
Barcode 9311890243486
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