Suze French Aperitif 700ml
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Suze French Aperitif 700ml

Suze French Aperitif 700ml

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'Suze' was created in 1889, at the Rousseau, Laurens and Moureaux distillery in the outskirts of Paris. To differentiate his product from the many wine based aperitifs of the day, Fernand Moureaux decided to create an aperitif from the Gentian plant, a yellow Alpine flower with massive roots that dig deeply into the flanks of mountains. It is these same roots that are used to prepare the base material of the liqueur.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Suze
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 20.0%
Type Spirits
Category Aperitif
Country France
Region Thuir
Barcode 3047101881463
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