Strongbow Lower Carb 355ml
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Strongbow Lower Carb 355ml

Strongbow Lower Carb 355ml

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Strongbow Lower Carb Cider offers a light and refreshing taste, with the added benefit of being 50% lower in sugar and carbohydrates compared to Strongbow Original Cider. Crafted from carefully chosen apples, this cider presents a distinctive freshness, making it an ideal choice for summer enjoyment. Its clean and pronounced apple character, coupled with a well-balanced fruit profile, leads to a crisp and dry finish without any lingering sweetness. Pairing perfectly with zesty Mexican dishes or cheesy pizza, Strongbow Lower Carb Cider enhances the overall dining experience.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Strongbow
Size 355ml
Alcohol Content 5.0%
Type Cider
Category Apple Cider
Style Apple Cider
Country Australia
Barcode 9414339613243
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