Stomping Ground Hop Stomper IPA 355ml

Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground Hop Stomper 355ml

Stomping Ground Hop Stomper 355ml

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Stomping Ground Hop Stomper is an excellent West Coast-style IPA, inspired by the tradition of stomping hops into bales. Based in Collingwood with a fantastic beer hall and beer garden (yep, I took my Dad there), in the original stomping ground of Melbourne's craft beer scene from 100 years ago, Stomping Ground also launched Australia's first airport brewery at Melbourne Airport in early 2020. Stomping Ground Hop Stomper is big and beefy, a 6% award-winning IPA brewed with 3 different malt varietals and 4 different hops, with complex hop characters dominated by a grapefruit and orange zest and potent bitterness.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Stomping Ground
Size 355 mL
Alcohol Content 6.0%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style IPA
Country Australia
Region Victoria
Barcode 9352427001919
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