Solbevi Limoncello Spritz 250ml
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Solbevi Limoncello Spritz 250ml

Solbevi Limoncello Spritz 250ml

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Our recently launched Limoncello is crafted from a closely guarded family recipe that has been inherited across generations, incorporating contemporary mixology techniques and fond recollections. Each bottle boasts of a vibrant and zesty flavor profile inspired by the Mediterranean, culminating in a silky aftertaste that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Ideal for leisurely consumption on sunny days with ice or as an ingredient in your own Limoncello Spritz, our product offers a delightful sip that encapsulates the essence of la dolce vita.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Solbevi
Size 250ml
Alcohol Content 4.2%
Type Pre-Mixed Drinks
Category Spritz
Country Australia
Barcode 9369998351800
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