Sassy Le cidre L'inimitable 750ml
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Sassy Le Cidre L 'Inimitable 750ml

Sassy Le Cidre L 'Inimitable 750ml

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The Inimitable is the original version of the Sassy House. He launched a range of high quality restoring the authentic taste of cider. This 100% natural and artisanal cider can be made from 22 varieties of apples which are sweet, bitter and tart. The Inimitable presents the right balance between the dry side of the raw and the fruitiness of the demi-sec. It is distinguished by its aromatic complexity and finesse.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Sassy
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 5.3%
Type Cider
Category Fruit Cider
Style Fruit Cider
Country France
Barcode 3770004927005
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