Newstead Brewing Co Liquidambar 330ml
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Newstead Brewing Co

Newstead Brewing Co Liquidambar 330ml

Newstead Brewing Co Liquidambar 330ml

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Newstead's Liquidambar is a classic Amber Ale made with a solid grain backbone derived mainly from UK produced Maris Otter malt that imparts a rich nutty flavour. Backed up with the addition of four specialty malts to give richness and complexity as well as enhancing the final colour. Biscuit and Caraaroma dominate giving the unmistakable character of chocolate and toffee. Spicy German and American hops add enough character so the beer doesn't finish sweet and cloying. Magnum hops are used for clean bitterness and Willamette and Magnum are used late in the boil for mint, spice and pine. Whilst pleasantly sessionable, allowing Liquidambar to warm gently in the glass will give great reward as flavours open up and intensify, showing its true complexity and depth of flavour.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Newstead Brewing Co
Size 330ml
Alcohol Content 4.8%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Amber Ale
Country Australia
Region Queensland
Barcode 9348818000258
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