Metaxa Ouzo 700ml
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Metaxa Ouzo 700ml

Metaxa Ouzo 700ml

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Ouzo by the House of METAXA, the leading spirits House of Greece, is made with ten fine botanicals, including those found in Ouzo and some rarer ones. Sweet and heavy aromas of black liquorice and aniseed (a natural digestive), mastic, fennel, badiane and coriander. Clear and silky Metaxa Ouzo Liqueur, with a distinct complex licorice flavour, ouzo is a Greek liqueur that is cool and crisp, and semi-sweet on the palate with intense anise flavour throughout the silky texture.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Metaxa
Size 700 mL
Alcohol Content 38.0%
Type Spirits
Category Liqueur
Style Various Liqueur
Barcode 5202795080709
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