Loophole Saltwater Stout Porter 375ml
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Loophole Saltwater Stout Porter 375ml

Loophole Saltwater Stout Porter 375ml

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The beverage offers a rich and robust experience with its prominent dark malt profile. Notes of banana and dark chocolate contribute to its overall depth and texture. To enhance the flavor, a dash of salt water from Cape Jaffa is incorporated during the brewing process, providing a tempting aspect that complements the caramel malts' sweetness. While our revered SWSP is available year-round, it is worth noting that a special edition, aged in Bourbon barrels, is released every winter.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Loophole
Size 375ml
Alcohol Content 8.0%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Porter
Country Australia
Barcode 9324153300147
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