Laphroaig Select Cask 700ml
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Laphroaig Select Cask 700ml

Laphroaig Select Cask 700ml

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"The Queen of the Hebrides", the Scottish isle of Islay is known for two things. One, it has more distilleries in less area than any other place on the planet; eight and more coming, and the scotch whiskey produced there is some of the most highly prized by true connoisseurs for its rich flavours heavy in that smokey peat taste that makes fine scotch what it is.
For those unaccustomed to Islay single malt scotches, Laphroaig Single Malt Select Cask is the perfect introduction. Milder than most it is systematically aged in six different types of cask to create its spiced fruit taste.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Laphroaig
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 40.0%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Single Malt Whisky
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Barcode 5010019637529
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