La Quintinye Royal Extra Dry Vermouth 750ml

La Quintinye

La Quintinye Royal Extra Dry Vermouth 750ml

La Quintinye Royal Extra Dry Vermouth 750ml

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Named after Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinye, a renowned botanist and gardener to Louis XIV, the La Quintinye range of vermouth is known for its abundant use of botanicals. The Extra Dry expression is crafted using a combination of 27 different herbs and spices, complemented by a selection of white wines and Pineau des Charentes Blanc. This results in a robust and full-bodied vermouth that adds a bold and distinctive flavor profile to cocktails.

On the nose, one can detect the aroma of freshly chopped basil and sage, with a hint of rosemary. There are also subtle notes of fig and bright citrus, followed by a gentle touch of liquorice that emerges gradually.

The palate offers a delightful combination of lemon peels and green grape, which seamlessly transitions into a medley of herbal flavors such as wormwood, sage, and rosemary.

The finish is pleasantly bitter and leaves a drying sensation, leaving behind a refreshing essence of fresh herbs.

Overall, the La Quintinye Extra Dry vermouth is a standout choice, delivering complexity and character to any cocktail.

Product Specifications

Brand Name La Quintinye
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 17.0%
Type Spirits
Category Vermouth
Country France
Barcode 3700209604203
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