Hendrick's Gin 50mL 50ml
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Hendrick's Gin 50ml

Hendrick's Gin 50ml

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Hendrick's is a classic gin and has had a long history of popularity due to its consistency of quality, flavours, and aromatics. The botanicals in Henrick's are what one would expect from a London Dry Gin, including juniper, coriander, citrus, anise, and pepper. The unique scent and taste of Hendrick's come from the addition of the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, light, fresh, and subtly woven throughout the flavour profile. The addition of specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers adds smoothness to the finish. Hendrick's is carefully distilled in small batches of just 500 litres, ensuring that each batch is carefully controlled and balanced.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Hendrick's
Size 50 mL
Alcohol Content 41.4%
Type Spirits
Category Gin
Style New World Gin
Country Scotland
Barcode 1-93-44864-00044-7
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