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Distillerie des Alpes

Distillerie des Alpes Le Pastis des Alpes 700ml

Distillerie des Alpes Le Pastis des Alpes 700ml

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Back in Roman times, wine was already being made from aniseed mixed with plants. In the late 19th century absinthe, the popular aniseed drink, reigned supreme in France. But the First World War sounded the death knell for this emblematic apéritif, when all spirits above 16 degrees were banned. Yet the practice of mixing fresh anise with water persisted. In 1920, the French government allowed aniseed drinks up to 30 degrees alcohol. The first pastis was officially launched in 1932, and it was during this post-war period, with the arrival of paid holidays, that it became the "holiday drink" and established itself as French people’s favourite apéritif.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Distillerie des Alpes
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 45.0%
Type Spirits
Category Aperitif
Country France
Region Chamberry
Barcode 3217690018957
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