Dainton Brewery Equalizer 355ml
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Dainton Brewery

Dainton Brewery Equalizer 355ml

Dainton Brewery Equalizer 355ml

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Like many great Aussie brewers, Dainton Brewery co-founder Dan Dainton made his first steps by punching out home-brews in his back shed after his mum gifted him a homebrew kit for Christmas. Thanks, Mum, from all of Australia! Dainton Brewery Equalizer is a 4.7% ABV Hazy Pale Ale that's bursting with full-flavoured, hop-driven juicy citrus characteristics and is the perfect gateway brew for craft beer rookies or crafty explorers to wet their beak in the Australian hazy scene. Super summer crusher!

Product Specifications

Brand Name Dainton Brewery
Size 355 mL
Alcohol Content 4.7%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style Pale Ale
Country Australia
Barcode 9349924001702
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