Cihuatan Indigo 8 Year Old 700ml
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Cihuatan Indigo 8 Year Old 700ml

Cihuatan Indigo 8 Year Old 700ml

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The name "Indigo" was inspired by the color blue, which was crafted by the ancient Maya using the Indigo flower (añil). Blue is a symbol of El Salvador and also the color of Tlaloc, Mayan god of rain. In the heart of every bottle of Cihuatán Indigo lies the Sleeping Woman, Mayan goddess and guardian of the Cihuatán valley. Legend has it that the Sleeping Woman would intercede on behalf of the people of Cihuatán so that Tlaloc would make the valley bloom.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Cihuatan
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 40.0%
Type Spirits
Category Rum
Style Dark Rum
Country Mexico
Region El Savador
Barcode 7410010594162
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