Bosscal Mezcal Damiana 750ml
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Bosscal Mezcal Damiana 750ml

Bosscal Mezcal Damiana 750ml

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Mountain to Market is the core philosophy of Bosscal. Mountain to Market refers to the brand’s dedication to artisanal and traditional distillery practices. The agave is wild grown, free of pesticides and hand-picked at age. Each plant is strategically picked with preservation in mind, ensuring the sustainabiliity of each harvest and ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

Tasting Notes: Light smoke, very crisp and smooth with amazing herbal notes from the Damiana flower added into the second distillation with citrus, orange, and blood orange. With some sweet, tartness and floral notes that carries a very well-balanced palate, Damiana is a traditional herb that thrives in the same regions as agave, has been used to this day by the Mexican people and culture and was a favourite of the Aztecs.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Bosscal
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 42.0%
Type Spirits
Category Tequila & Mezcal
Style Mezcal
Country Mexico
Barcode 8-56592-00608-7
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