Bondar Higher Springs Grenache 750ml


Bondar Higher Springs Grenache 750ml

Bondar Higher Springs Grenache 750ml

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A tiny production and limited release wine from Bondar Wines.

Sometimes when you walk into a vineyard that is this beautiful, you can’t help but think that it must make amazing wine. This fruit is from Sue Trott’s Wilpena vineyard. It’s in the heart of Blewitt Springs. The vines were planted in 1952 and are dry grown on deep sand. It faces quite steeply east, not a very common thing in McLaren Vale, so misses out on a lot of late afternoon (hot) sun. - Bondar Wines

Hand-picked fruit, aged in old French oak for 10 months, and hand-bottled with no fining, filtration or additions apart from a small amount of Sulphur to keep the wine fresh.

60 dozen bottles made.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Bondar
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 14.0%
Type Wine
Category Red Wine
Style Grenache
Country Australia
Region McLaren Vale
Wine Region Mclaren Vale
Barcode 100101670000000
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