Bodriggy Howizee? Cold IPA 355ml
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Bodriggy Brewing Company

Bodriggy Howizee? Cold IPA 355ml

Bodriggy Howizee? Cold IPA 355ml

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Typically, our IPA fermentation process takes place at approximately 20 degrees Celsius. However, a COLD IPA undergoes fermentation using lager yeast, resulting in a refreshing crispness and absence of fruity esters. This style retains the desired character of a hop-forward IPA, boasting bold flavor and aroma, such as passionfruit notes and a dry, hoppy finish.


Product Specifications

Brand Name Bodriggy Brewing Company
Size 355ml
Alcohol Content 6.0%
Type Beer
Category Craft Beer
Style IPA
Country Australia
Region Victoria
Barcode 0731788928216
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