Billson's Vodka & Blackcurrant 355ml
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Billson's Vodka & Blackcurrant 355ml

Billson's Vodka & Blackcurrant 355ml

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Introducing Billson's Vodka with Blackcurrant, the perfect companion for the festival season. This extraordinary product is meticulously crafted in Beechworth, utilizing our renowned alpine spring water. Billson's Vodka with Blackcurrant promises to be your go-to choice for a vibrant and tangy experience this summer. Make sure to stock up on ice and prepare your Esky for an unforgettable purple-themed celebration.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Billson's
Size 355ml
Alcohol Content 3.5%
Type Pre-Mixed Drinks
Category Pre-Mixed Vodka
Country Australia
Barcode 9322033012579
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