Avosh Australian Premium Vodka 700ml
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Avosh Australian Premium Vodka 700ml

Avosh Australian Premium Vodka 700ml

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AVOSH crafts premium artisan vodkas, distilled a whopping six times from fresh, sweet Australian wheat. The resulting spirit is then charcoal filtered to produce a clean, smooth taste and a finish quite free from impurities. It's a special blend with an eye toward craftsmanship, with subtle yet distinct sweetness from the wheat and a light flavour of locally sourced ingredients. Serve over ice, well-chilled with a squeeze of lemon or kaffir lime, or use as the foundation for your favourite vodka cocktail.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Avosh
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 37.5%
Type Spirits
Category Vodka
Style Plain Vodka
Country Australia
Region Western Australia
Barcode 9343529002010
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