Ashbrook Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
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Ashbrook Estate

Ashbrook Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml

Ashbrook Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml

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The 2020/21 growing season began with mild spring conditions and reasonable rainfall making for a typical budburst and flowering. Cyclonic weather systems in the north of the state gave us a significantly wet November (13 days of rain) however December and January were warm and dry with cool nights. Vintage 43 at Ashbrook commenced on the 9th of February with our Chardonnay grapes. Unseasonal rain events across February (96.6mm) and March (67mm) extended the harvest period for some of the later ripening varieties but thanks to our open trellis and meticulous vineyard management all the white and red grapes had reached the winery in excellent condition by March 31st. Marri tree blossom was adequate to keep the silvereye birds at bay however nets were applied to much of the vineyard. Low to average yields across all varieties have assisted with incredible flavour at lower baumés (potential alcohols) with a surprising amount of retained natural acidity. The first Sauvignon Blanc vines or “Old Sauv Blanc” as it is affectionately known were planted in 1976. Due to its popularity and ultimate suitability to the Margaret River region a second block was planted in 1990. Originally all spur pruned on a VSP trellis, the “Old Sauv Blanc” was converted to cane pruned lyre trellis in early-1990s chasing more of the primary fruit flavours the variety has to offer. The open nature of our lyre trellis effectively eliminates greener characters and allows harvesting at optimal flavour ripeness at a lower baume. Coupled with the application of composted mulch over several years, the vineyard shows exceptional health and balance.Hairydog Team Notes: A bright citrus nose with some clean mineral notes. Green apple and citrus comes through on the pallet with some ripe fruit and crisp acidity. An excellent example of a Margret River classic.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Ashbrook Estate
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 13.5%
Type Wine
Category White Wine
Style Sauvignon Blanc
Wine Body Light
Country Australia
Region Margaret River
Wine Region Margaret River
Barcode 9319355200579
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