Asahi Super Dry 330ml


Asahi Super Dry 330ml

Asahi Super Dry 330ml

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Established in Osaka, Japan in 1889, Asahi was originally called Osaka Beer Company (Osaka Bakushu Kaisha) and even had World War II prisoners from Germany working on the production line in their brewery. Asahi Super Dry is a 5% ABV Japanese lager that has been highly impactful in the what is the Japanese beer industry today. Launching in 1987 as a lager with lighter malt characteristics than a lot of their competitors at the time and a refreshingly dry finish more commonly found in beers from northern Germany. Super smooth, rich in flavour and an absolute thirst crusher!

Product Specifications

Brand Name Asahi
Size 330ml
Alcohol Content 5.0%
Type Beer
Category Classic Beer
Style Lager Traditional
Country Japan
Barcode 9329982021072
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