Akashi Red Blended Whisky 500ml
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Akashi Red Blended Whisky 500ml

Akashi Red Blended Whisky 500ml

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Akashi Red Blended Whisky demonstrates what is possible when a Toji (grand-master sake distiller) applies his talents to a new passion without restraints. White Oak sacrificed production by using smaller stills to reduce the fusel alcohol content, shorten the aging process and maintaining more of the core malt flavours. Smooth and delicate, Akashi Red is aged in Japanese Shochu cask made from American oak for three years. It is then placed in ex-bourbon casks and then transferred to sherry casks for 2 years. It delivers a smooth and delicate butter aroma with a taste that is sweet and nutty with high notes of spiciness.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Akashi
Alcohol Content 40.0%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Whisky
Country Japan
Barcode 4969265773134
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