Absolut Elyx 700ml
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Absolut Elyx 700ml

Absolut Elyx 700ml

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Absolut Elyx is the super-premium vodka from the respected Swedish vodka company Absolut. It's a true luxury vodka, crafted with the same principles of integrity and quality craftsmanship that have made Absolut the leading vodka distillery for over 100 years. Elyx is manually distilled in the same vintage copper still that Absolut has used since 1921, overseen by master vodka makers who ensure every step of the process is executed for the best result. It's little wonder this vodka is called "liquid silk," for its perfect balance, clean taste free of impurities, and rich mouthfeel. It's perfect for a martini or any other cocktail that highlights the purity of the spirit.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Absolut
Size 700ml
Alcohol Content 42.3%
Type Spirits
Category Vodka
Style Plain Vodka
Country Sweden
Barcode 7312040217014
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