23rd Street Hybrid Whisky Mini 50ml
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23rd Street Distillery

23rd Street Hybrid Whisky Mini 50ml

23rd Street Hybrid Whisky Mini 50ml

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The battle between scotch drinkers and bourbon drinkers has been raging since the taxman forced the first Scots-Irish distillers into the mountains of Kentucky. Well, now you can eat your cake and have it too with '23rd Street Distillery Hybrid Whisk(e)y'. They blend 5-year-old scotch with 2-year-old bourbon and then but the resulting brew back into the bourbon casks for polishing. The result is an unusually delicious and highly distinctive whisk(e)y that has a sweet sherried aroma with light smoky and floral notes and tastes. It lays lightly on the tongue with a malty flavour rich with sherry tones and just a hint of the oily nuttiness added from the fired oak bourbon barrels.

Product Specifications

Brand Name 23rd Street Distillery
Size 50ml
Alcohol Content 42.3%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Blended Malt Whisky
Country Australia
Region South Australia
Barcode 9-355-274-5
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