Ultimate House Party Terms and Conditions

Total prize value of $20,000


  • Headline DJ & warm up DJ.
  • Professional sound and lighting equipment, set up and managed.  
  • $200 of takeaway pizza.
  • $1000 of alcohol.
  • Security guard. 
  • Event management staff. 


  1. The promoters are Noisy Collective Pty Ltd and Hairydog Group Pty Ltd. 
  2. The Ultimate House Party is a game of skill. 
  3. A valid entry must perform the following steps: 


  • Enter name, email, phone & address 
  • Describe in 25 words or less the best house party you ever went to and why.

Select either:


  • I am able to host a house party at the address I provided on June 8th 2024. 
  • I can’t host, but I still want the opportunity to attend a house party. 


  1. Entry to the Ultimate House Party is available to residents of VIC & NSW only. 
  2. Entries will be judged on creativity of answer and suitability of house for staging an event level production. 
  3. Entry is available to people over the age of 18 years. 
  4. All attendees of the House Party must be over the age of 18.  
  5. The house party will run from 6pm - 10pm.
  6. A maximum number of up to 30 people are permitted to the house party.
  7. The promoter will bring with them up to 10 people - including, event management staff, artists & guests. 
  8. The winner must seek approval to have a house party from their roommates, landlords, neighbors or any other relevant parties prior to the event.
  9. The promoter is not liable for any fines, police, court or legal action that may occur from this event. 
  10. The promoter is not responsible for any additional fees or costs that may arise with putting on the house party.  
  11. The house must be available from 2pm on the day for set up and up to midnight for pack down of equipment. 
  12. The promoter is not responsible for any injury or alcohol related incidents that may occur at the event. 
  13. Any alcohol consumed is at your own risk and the promoter’s, its staff, contractors or artists do not hold any responsibility. Drink responsibility. 
  14. The promoter’s encourage the safe enjoyment of alcohol, and encourage patrons to practice safe consumption. 
  15. No illicit drugs must be consumed or present at the event. 
  16. Entries open 9.00am AEST May 28th 2024 and close at 12.00pm AEST June 6th 2024.  
  17. All entries via the contact form on https://www.boozebud.com/pages/win-house-party agree to receive communications from Hairy Dog Pty Ltd trading as BoozeBud and Noisy Collective Pty Ltd trading as Noisy. 
  18. Winning entries will be contacted via phone and will be announced on instagram via @bondi_lines and @melbourne_lines.